About GNB

Founded in 1995 in the mountain town of Whitefish, Montana, our recipes, ingredients and brands are inspired by our rugged surroundings and adventurous spirit. After a brief hiatus, we’re thrilled to announce the return of local favorites Going to the Sun IPA and Wild Huckleberry Lager…both returning to store shelves and a watering hole near you!


Going to the Sun India Pale Ale

Going to the Sun IPA is built for beer lovers seeking distinct flavor and balance between the twists and turns of hops and malt. Brewed with premium two-row barley, and aromatic northwest hops, Going to the Sun is inspired by the picturesque Glacier National Park—an unfiltered beer to enjoy with an unfiltered view.

5.7% ABV \ 51 IBU

Wild Huckleberry Craft Lager

Our signature Wild Huckleberry Lager starts with mountain snowpack water, ideal for brewing handcrafted beers. The combination of hand-picked mountain huckleberries and cold fermentation yields a bright and clean body that pairs naturally with the sweet aromatics of this wild forest berry.

5.0% ABV \ 11 IBU